UI color

Make a Bold Color Statement in One or More Ways.

Give your phone a personal look and feel never seen before. Choose from a wide range of built-in colors, and apply them across the user interface, from the notification panel to volume controls. You can also extract color from your wallpaper for a one-of-a-kind experience of styling your phone.

Monochrome icon

One Color is Never Enough.

Unleash some creativity on your home screen, for instance changing the color of your home screen icons to match that of your favorite wallpaper. Just tap once, and voila – a visually pleasing harmony of hues across the home screen and some of your favorite apps.

Professional viewfinder system

A Viewfinder that
Empowers Great Shots.

With the Level to check that your photo is perfectly horizontal, the Stabilization ring to guard against shaky hands and the Focus ring, get the confidence you need for the result you want.

Effects Master

The One-Stop
Shop for Great

Want to change the vibrance, brightness, contrast and exposure? Find all their settings in the viewfinder, and simply swipe horizontally or vertically to get the style you are satisfied with.

Video Clips

No Distractions.
Just Pro.

Mute videos with a single tap so you can focus on editing the footage. You can also make finer adjustments by changing the volume segment by segment.

Hidden album

Some Memories
are for Your Eyes

Hide selected photos and videos for improved privacy protection, so you don’t have to worry about unwelcome sneak peeks even if you pass your phone to someone else.

App pinning

For Your Privacy,
We Go One Step

When someone borrows your phone, you can choose from two levels of pinning to keep your sensitive data secure. App pinning keeps the chosen app in view. Until you unpin it, only that app can be used. Or go another level to forbid all user actions within the app, so only a certain screen can be viewed.

Active app manager

Better Transparency.
Advanced Management.

Now you can easily manage active apps in the background, see their uptime, and shut them down with a single tap. App performance made transparent. App management made simple.


  • The information on this page (including but not limited to system UI, background photos, product features, phone outlines and images) is for reference only. Features may vary depending on OS version and phone model. The actual product shall prevail. Please contact customer service for more information.
  • Monochrome icon: Only applicable for compatible apps in default themes.